Keratoconus / INTACS

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease, which causes thinning of the clear front surface of the eye called the cornea. As keratoconus progresses, the quality of vision deteriorates and contact lenses or glasses cannot adequately correct vision. For many, an invasive corneal transplant was the only option.

Intacs: An Exciting New Option

Intacs prescription inserts are an exciting new option that allows patients to delay a corneal transplant for many years. Intacs are a good option to stabilize the cornea and improve vision. Dr. Smith is one of the few surgeons in Texas who works with Intacs. He has helped patients from across the state who want to find an alternative to corneal transplants.

Additional Uses

Intacs prescription inserts are also used for the correction of extreme nearsightedness.

Your Next Steps


Take your time and research as much information about Intacs as possible. This will enable you to head into your consulation prepared with questions or concerns for Dr. Smith and his team to answer.

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Financial consideration should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important service.

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