Toric Lens

Many patients suffer from astigmatism, which is a common eye condition. Astigmatism can often lead to blurred or impaired vision if it becomes moderate or severe.

If you have cataracts as well as astigmatism, you may be a candidate for a toric intraocular lens implant at the time of your cataract surgery.

We are pleased to offer the advanced AcrySof Toric® IOL for astigmatism correction after cataract surgery. Until recently, patients that had astigmatism, had no option that would correct the astigmatism during cataract surgery. The recent advancements in intraocular lens (IOL) technology have now made it possible to provide an effective solution for patients that have astigmatism.

The AcrySof Toric® corrects for both conditions: cataracts and astigmatism. The unique design of the AcrySof Toric® IOL makes it possible to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism and significantly improve uncorrected distance vision after cataract surgery.

To find out whether you are a candidate for the AcrySof Toric® IOL, schedule a cataract consultation with Dr. Smith or Dr. Levar.

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