Contact Lens Fitting

What happens during a contact lens fitting?

First, one of our doctors will assess the overall health of your eye during your contact lens fitting appointment. Your corneas will be examined to ensure that they are healthy enough for wearing contact lenses, and notes of the condition of your eyes will be made to refer back to at future exams to ensure that your ocular health has not deteriorated due to contact lens wear. A refraction will also be performed to determine your contact lens prescription.

Next, your doctor will have you trial a pair of contact lenses in the office to evaluate your vision and how well the contact lens fits your eye. The trial lenses are chosen based on your desired wear schedule (daily, bi-weekly, or monthly), as well as your prescription and the curvature of your corneas. Once an ideal prescription and fit have been reached, you will be allowed to try the trial contact lenses for a few days before making any commitments for purchasing a supply of contacts.

In some cases, your doctor will require a follow-up appointment after your contact lens fitting to verify that your contacts fit properly and that your prescription does not need any adjustments. Initial contact lens fittings may take several visits to ensure that the vision and comfort of the lens are adequate and acceptable to the patient.

If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, there will be an opportunity to teach you how to insert and remove the lenses properly, as well as how to disinfect and care for them.

If you already wear contact lenses but would like to try a different brand or wear schedule, notify your doctor, and a contact lens fitting for the new lens can be arranged.

Why contacts?

Contacts allow patients freedom from their glasses and may allow equal crisp, clear vision without having to keep track of a pair of glasses or worrying about losing them, breaking them, etc.

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