Hybrid Lenses


The Duette™ and UltraHealth specialty contact lenses, made by Synergeyes, all combine two types of contact lens materials – a rigid gas permeable center and a soft lens skirt – into one unique “hybrid” lens. The rigid center corrects refractive error and delivers clear, high definition vision…even at night. And the soft skirt surrounding the center provides the all-day comfort of a soft lens.


With two materials, you get the best of both worlds – great vision and comfort – all in one lens.


Lenses made from only soft materials drape over the eye, conforming to any irregularity on the cornea. Therefore, the optics are often “soft” or slightly blurry, especially if you have astigmatism.

Hard or rigid lenses create a spherical surface on the eye providing crisp vision. However, because hard lenses are smaller and rigid, they often move around on the eye and pop out, making vision inconsistent.

The dual material lens offers the visual clarity of a hard contact lens while keeping the lens stable and comfortable, thanks to the soft skirt. In addition, the “rigid” (GP) center of the lens includes a UVA and UVB blocker to help protect your eyes from the sun.

There are several different types of Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses which are selected depending on the condition of that patient’s corneas and their visual needs.


The Duette™ hybrid specialty contact lens is the ideal choice if you want both clear vision and comfortable lenses. The rigid center corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism and delivers clear, high definition vision even at night.

Duette lenses are a great option for patients with astigmatism, especially if they notice fluctuating vision with their current soft toric contact lenses.

This lens is especially beneficial for patients who have historically worn hard contact lenses, but are now wearing soft contact lenses, and miss the clarity of vision they had with their hard contacts (but don’t miss the feel of them!)


Duette is worn by professional football, hockey, tennis and basketball players who know that excellent vision gives them that extra edge. Many young athletes from elementary school to college are also taking advantage of the superior visual acuity that comes from the “rigid” center of the Duette lens. This is especially prevalent for teens and young adults who have astigmatism.

Other contact lens products like soft toric lenses have a tendency to go in and out focus at times when you need to see the most. The revolutionary design of Duette eliminates these rotational instability issues and at the same time delivers superior optics.

Whether you play an active outdoor sport, participate in indoor recreational activities or coach a sport, clear, crisp, consistent vision is very important. Having good vision builds confidence and offers a competitive advantage.


The Duette Multifocal and the Duette Progressive are breakthrough specialty contact lenses that offer a revolutionary simultaneous vision design to provide true binocular vision at all distances, making them the “go-to” lens for any presbyopic patient seeking pristine vision from a contact lens.

Like a progressive spectacle, the Duette Multifocal and Progressive lens give both eyes the ability to see clearly at all focal ranges. The lenses incorporate MultiPro2 technology which utilizes a near center aspheric add zone in combination with a distance asphere to provide a seamless progression of powers from distance to near.


UltraHealth is the newest and most advanced hybrid contact lenses by SynergEyes especially suited for patients with keratoconus and other irregular cornea conditions.

Now you can see life with crystal-clear vision, clarity and comfort. No more lenses popping out or shifting. No more irritating dirt. Just clear vision and comfort all day long.

The rigid (GP) center of the lens provides optimal clarity and crispness of vision, while the soft silicone hydrogel material that surrounds the GP center of the lens provides longer-lasting comfort for irregular cornea and keratoconus patients.

The new lens materials and design provide enhanced tear exchange and the highest oxygen transmission available in a hybrid contact lens.

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