Dry Eyes


Dry Eye

LipiFlow®, the groundbreaking treatment, addresses the cause of Evaporative Dry Eye. If you’ve been unable to receive long-lasting relief from the over-the-counter or prescription remedies you’ve tried, it may be because they haven’t been targeting the primary cause of your condition – the blockage of your Meibomian glands located in your eyelids. Perhaps you’ve tried things like eye drops and warm compresses, which many find inconvenient and only offer short-term relief.

Common symptoms of Dry Eye

  • dryness
  • discomfort and irritation
  • grittiness or feeling of a foreign body in the eye
  • burning or stinging sensation
  • tearing
  • redness
  • discharge
  • tiredness
  • itching
  • vision disturbance
  • sensitivity to light
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